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Rivets and Equipment                      



Chicago Rivet & Machine company is a world-class manufacturer of rivets and rivet setting equipment.  They excel in the manufacture of specialty cold-headed products.  Can design and build entirely automated systems for your assembly requirements.

bulletSemi-tubular rivets
bulletSolid rivets
bulletCold-headed specials
bulletRivet setting equipment
bulletCompletely automated assembly systems



Anvils, Jaws, Drivers and more...

Tom Kavanagh & Associates also operates a warehouse in Nashville with a large inventory of spare tooling and parts for Chicago Rivet machinery:

Anvils, Jaws, Drivers, Clutch parts, Toggles, Jaw springs, Anvil springs, Pilot pins

Order Inquiries:  Call  615-315-0312 or e-mail at [email protected]



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